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IRS Audit Representation for Austin, TX Taxpayers

IRS audit help Austin TX

The IRS audit representation attorneys at Austin Pure Tax Resolution specialize in representing Austin-area taxpayers who are undergoing or about to undergo an IRS individual or business tax audit. Don’t ignore a notice that the IRS intends to audit your tax return(s). You need professional tax advocacy to represent you.

Correspondence Tax Audits

Some audits are not conducted in person, but rather by telephone or mail. They are called correspondence audits and they are far less intrusive than field audits. Indeed, most IRS audits are correspondence audits. Examples of when the IRS may use a correspondence audit include, for example when there are math errors on your tax return or when the amount of income you reported to the IRS doesn’t match the amount of income per W-2s or 1099s submitted by employers. Often, there is a simple explanation, and with professional IRS audit representation, your IRS tax audit can typically be resolved relatively quickly and efficiently.

Although correspondence audits are not as intrusive as field audits, you should not approach them casually. You need to remember that any time you communicate with the IRS, there are serious potential financial implications, and sometimes criminal implications. An Austin tax attorney who specializes in IRS audit representation can help to take emotion out of situation and resolve your tax audit without delay, taking away the stress of communicating with the IRS.

Field Audits

Obviously, if you have received notice that you must appear for a full-blown field audit, it would be a huge mistake to approach this on your own without IRS audit representation. A field audit involves the IRS coming to your home or place of business to interview you in person and review your financial records in detail. It goes without saying that you should never approach a field audit without seeking professional tax advice from an Austin IRS audit attorney.

Why choose us for IRS Audit Representation?

The IRS makes mistakes too, and a tax audit specialist skilled in identifying IRS errors and negotiating with the IRS can reduce your tax audit liability.  So, don’t panic, but rather, immediately contact our IRS tax audit specialists today.  Call the IRS audit representation specialists at Austin Pure Tax today for a FREE consultation (512) 900-8234