Austin Pure Tax Help – Tax Resolution Services

Back tax problems?

Delinquent tax returns?

Do you get IRS collection letters or calls?

If any of the tax problems listed above sound familiar, then you need tax resolution services.  Austin Pure Tax Help, in Austin, Texas, has resolves back taxes every day for individuals and businesses with back tax problems in and around Austin, TX.  Our staff of IRS tax resolution attorneys and CPAs specialize exclusively in tax resolution, ensuring that you receive the most dedicated, skilled, and experienced tax negotiation and settlement services available anywhere.

Tax Resolution Austin

IRS back tax debt takes both a financial and an economic toll on you and your family.  Our job is to stop the damage, and enable you to focus on getting back on sound financial footing, without fear of IRS wage garnishments, tax levies, liens, asset seizures or other IRS enforced collection.

Immediately after you contact Austin Pure Tax Help, we will put you in touch with a tax resolution attorney, who can represent you before the IRS.  In other words, once you retain Austin Pure Tax Help, you will have an advocate working for you, and thus you won’t have to communicate with the IRS directly any more.  Unlike some of the firms who advertise on television or radio, we are not an impersonal national tax relief firm.  Indeed, we’re not a tax relief firm at all, we are a tax resolution firm, with decades of experience in working one-on-one with clients and with the IRS to resolve back tax problems.

We use time-tested methods for settling tax disputes with the IRS.   Through our tax resolution services, we may  file delinquent tax returns on your behalf, obtain innocent spouse relief, prepare and submit offers in an compromise (OIC), obtain a hardship exception or a currently uncollectible determination, negotiate a payment plan, release garnishment on your wages or a lien on your assets, and help you get a fresh start, free of IRS tax debt.

The IRS can make your life miserable if you owe back taxes.  They are the nation’s most powerful creditor.  We know how to work with the IRS to get our clients favorable tax settlements, that provide quick and permanent tax resolution.  For a FREE consultation, contact Austin Pure Tax Help today.